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The University of Surrey (UniS), United Kingdom


The University of Surrey is a leading academic institution with technological focus, providing comprehensive research, undergraduate and postgraduate education and mid/career training.  The proposed contribution to this research will come from the Centre for Engineering Materials and Structures in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.  The centre has considerable expertise in the area of fatigue and fracture of metallic bridges and its research has been predominantly reliability-orientated culminating in the publication of 14 journal papers and 14 conference papers in the past five years alone. 

Role in the project

Apart from its involvement in the more generic WP1, WP5, WP7 and WP8, the main UniS contributions will be in WP3, WP4 and WP6.  WP3 involves considerable testing and the university has the appropriate facilities for the proposed type of testing.  In 2005 a three-year, chiefly experimental, doctoral study of patch strengthening of steel beams was concluded.  The outcome of this research was 2 journal and 2 conference papers.  More recently, fatigue tests of pre-cracked patched steel plates were carried out as part of doctoral research leading to the publication of 4 conference papers and one submitted journal paper.  WP4 and part of WP6 is focused on FE analysis.  The UniS research group has considerable expertise on the use of FE analysis using special crack tip elements and submodelling techniques to model cracks in 2D and 3D structural members and assemblies.  FE-related work, which spans over several years, has been published in 7 journal and 12 conference papers.   

Staff involved in the project

  1. Professor Marios Chryssanthopoulos (Co-Patch Project Leader)
  2. Timothy Righiniotis
  3. Dr Ye Zhang