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Umoe Mandal AS (UM), Norway


UMUmoe Mandal is a privately owned company with its core know how within the area of composite material design and fabrication, in addition to system design and integration. The main products delivered by the company are all-composite material naval vessels, utilizing an air cushion principle designated Surface Effect Ship (SES). Other examples of products are carbon fibre lift fans for hovercrafts and SES vessels and large high-pressure tanks for the offshore industry. Umoe Mandal has an engineering department of approximately 40 people and 250 production workers. Production methods include hand lay-up, vacuum infusion, vacuum bagging, Resin Transfer Moulding and winding. A wide range of materials are utilized: glass, Aramid and carbon fibre in non-crimp or weave reinforcements; PVC, PMI, balsa, etc. core materials; epoxy, vinyl ester and phenolic resins, in addition to a range of adhesives and additives.

Role in the project

In Umoe Mandal's designs, very few bolted joints are used, i.e. most metal/composite parts are joined utilizing an adhesive bonding effect. Umoe Mandal thus have more than 20 years of experience in joining different metals and composite materials into durable solutions exposed to harsh marine environments. Umoe Mandal e.g. participated in the EUCLID RTP 3.21 program, developing a bonded joint for a composite material helicopter hangar on a steel frigate. Currently Umoe Mandal is working with DNV and a major oil company in a patch repair program, and in 2009 a fully operational offshore installation was repaired using a composite material patch. UM participated in the design of the repair patch, the material selection and performed the actual repair.

Staff involved in the project

  1. Tore Helland (Co-Patch Project Leader)