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TWI Ltd, United Kingdom


TWITWI is the World Centre for Materials Joining Technology and is one of Europe's largest research and technology organisations based near Cambridge in the UK since 1946. TWI provides industry with technical support in joining composites and metals, cutting and surface engineering, as well as structural integrity and materials expertise. TWI has participated in over 50 Framework projects in recent years. TWI also operates a globally recognised competency scheme called Certification Scheme for Welding and Inspection Personnel (CSWIP). This will give the CO-PATCH consortium a way of ensuring that project results will be accepted by industry as a robust way of carrying out repairs, in addition to ensuring that operators have the required level of competency.

Role in the project

Within the framework of this project, the main tasks TWI is involved are the following:
WP3: TWI's team of experts has experience in materials selection, in terms of process, performance, cost and skills required.  TWI has also a large number of laboratories including analytical instruments, wet-chemistry, surface treatments, surface energy measurement, universal testing machines and environmental chambers, as well as NDT to assist with all the work planned.
TWI has expertise in all areas of composite application and surface preparation techniques related to composite bonding and patch repairs and develop the best practice design and application procedures.
TWI leads this WP. TWI has extensive experience in drafting Exploitation Plans, providing the guidelines for exploitation activities during the project life and even after the project's conclusion. TWI has also large experience in promoting novel technical solutions internationally. TWI has developed many CSWIP courses, as well as a Structural strengthening course for the rehabilitation of civil structures using composite materials.

Staff involved in the project

  1. Dr Mohsen Zakikhani (Co-Patch Project Leader)
  2. Chris Eady, Executive Chairman of CSWIP
  3. David Hamper, Collaborative Projects Section, Team Leader
  4. Kerry Peddar, Collaborative Projects Section, Officer