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Shipbuilders and Shipreperairs Association (SSA), United Kingdom


SSAThe Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers Association (SSA) is the UK national trade association for the shipyards. SSA has a seat on the Board of and the Committee of European Union Shipbuilders Associations (CESA).

SSA was formed in 1989 to provide a new focal point for the industry after the process of industry privatisation was completed. The Association acts as a representational body for the industry, and as a focal point for research, development and industry promotional activity. As the representative body, SSA takes the initiative in identifying industry requirement, developing and packaging proposals and then managing the resulting projects to a successful conclusion.

SSA will contribute its knowledge, influence and routes to dissemination in the UK and, through CESA, on a pan-European basis. UK and European industry meetings will be regularly exploited to disseminate information on the progress of the project, and the experience of SSA in arranging seminars and exhibitions will be utilised as appropriate. The CESA contact will be used to ensure that locally-appropriate means of dissemination will be identified and utilised.

SSA are fully committed to the increasing the competitiveness of the European marine industry. The recent LeaderSHIP initiative cites R&D as a major factor in the overall strategy for the industry.  SSA-employs many routes to reach the European industry - its members and non-members - its own conference, participation and presence in international events provide many opportunities for broadening awareness and for detailed dissemination.

Role in the project

SSA has been involved in national as well as European research projects for many years and has coordinated and participated in a number of research projects. Within CO-PATCH, SSA will be contributing in WP 1, 5, 6 & 7 and provide industry insight in to the issues dealing with patch repair.

Staff involved in the project

  1. Mr Martyn Lightfoot (Co-Patch Project Coordinator)