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National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece


NTUANTUA is the oldest (founded in 1836) and largest Technical University in Greece. The School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering was founded in 1969, is the youngest one in NTUA and claims today a top per capital research position within the University. Furthermore, being the only academic institution in Greece in its field, it serves all national needs in the naval architecture, marine and ocean engineering fields and can be considered as a National Research Centre. It counts today over 600 students, 35 doctoral candidates and a regular staff of 35, of which 26 are faculty members. NTUA is participating to the project through the Shipbuilding Technology Laboratory (STL). NTUA/STL has a vast research experience in the field of manufacturing technology and advanced materials for marine applications, as well as in the area of static and dynamic structural analysis of marine structures. It is an organization with close links to national and European Research Organizations and Industries on the basis of contracts and collaboration within funded research projects.

Role in the project

NTUA is coordinating the CO-PATCH project, thus it is actively involved in all WPs of the project, not only from the management point of you, but also performing actual scientific research. An exception is WP2, where NTUA plays an overseeing and secondary role. The members of the NTUA research team have an extended experience in coordinating and carrying out research projects, dealing not only with theoretical analytical and/or numerical calculations, but also with both static and dynamic testing, either in the laboratory or in situ, in big structures. NTUA/STL staff is experienced in performing also composite materials characterization tests, measuring their mechanical properties in tension, compression and shear. NTUA research team is studying the performance of composite materials patched steel structures for the last two years within the framework of a research project on the usage of composite patches for the strengthening of steel marine structures that was funded by the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Development. In this project, extensive numerical calculations using the FE code ANSYS, as well as testing was performed. The carbon/epoxy patches were manufactured by the NTUA/STL technical staff, who performed also the static and fatigue tests of the cracked or corroded steel patched plates. Extensive experience has also been acquired regarding the accurate measurement of the crack growth rate.

Staff involved in the project

  1. Associate Professor Nicholas G. Tsouvalis (Co-Patch Project Leader and Coordinator)
  2. Professor Vassilios J. Papazoglou
  3. George KATSAOUNIS
  4. Vassilios KARATZAS