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The NORGES TEKNISK - NATURVITENSKAPELIGE UNIVERSITET (NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in Trondheim represents academic eminence in technology and the natural sciences as well as in other academic disciplines ranging from the social sciences, the arts, medicine, architecture to fine art.  Cross-disciplinary cooperation results in innovative breakthroughs and creative solutions with far-reaching social and economic impact.  NTNU's specialization is in technology and the natural sciences.  The university has 7 faculties and 53 departments with a total of 20000 students, half of these are studying technology or the natural sciences.  48 per cent of NTNU's students are female and about 750 students are international.  About 3300 degrees are awarded each year: 1100 bachelor's, 2200 master's and 260 doctoral degrees.  NTNU has dozens of international student exchange programmes and bilateral agreements with numerous universities around the world.  It has about 2000 R&D projects at every time and participates in 60 projects in the European Commission's 6th and 7th framework programmes.  The university has more than 100 laboratories.  There are many sponsorship and cooperation agreements with Norwegian and international business and industry.  The annual budget is NOK 4.2 billion (approx. Euro 530 million).  NTNU owns or rents premises with a total area of 550000 sqm.

Role in the project

NTNU is co-ordinating WP2 (monitoring) and is also heavily involved in WP3 (lab tests) and WP6 (full scale tests).  NTNU's staff has extended experience in co-ordinating large and small research programs.  NTNU has experience in non-destructive monitoring of structures in the laboratory and the field, plus sensor development.  NTNU has excellent laboratory facilities and can test small and large structures.  NTNU has also a modern facility for making composite structures.  This has been used mainly for wind energy applications and production of test specimens.  Composite metal interfaces were tested in various projects for the offshore industry.  NTNU students also participated in the DNV joint industry project on composite patch repairs.  NTNU staff has experience in organizing and follow up of field testing, often done in cooperation with DNV.

Staff involved in the project

  1. Professor Andreas T. Echtermeyer (Co-Patch Project Coordinator)
  2. Associate Professor Nils-Petter Vedvik