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MettleMETTLE is part of the SIMBA CONSULTANTS Group (formerly METTLE GROUP), founded in 1991. The Group Company's Sophia Antipolis office, METTLE, - has a staff of 12 employees who are competent and expert in Naval Architecture, Ship Design, project coordination and management, engineering, transport economics and communication. Formerly close to 60 employees, SIMBA Co is now a leading engineering and transport consulting group with offices in France, Cyprus and USA. METTLE is a cross-disciplinarily consulting and research company, based in France, specialised in engineering and maritime transport, economics and engineering across all spectrum of related issues. METTLE's client base comprises small entrepreneurial companies, right through to major blue chip multi nationals who are operating within the global marketplace. METTLE serves as competence centre for all questions related to quality, safety, security, environment and efficiency in transport. The overall objective of the company is the engineering and development of concepts and feasible solutions for the transport economy in close cooperation with clients and partners.

Role in the project

  • Mettle main involvement is in WP1 - Preparation of scenario and application cases, elaboration of the stakeholder forum, and WP6 - Contribution to the full scale test on sites.

Staff involved in the project

  1. Prof. Dr. C.G. BIANCARDI
  2. Marielle LABROSSE (Co-Patch Project Coordinator)