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Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ), Portugal


ISQ is a private, service oriented and non-profit making technical and scientific organisation, with a staff of 800, which provides consultancy services, performs R&D in several scientific areas and also renders technical inspections and laboratory testing to industry. We offer expertise to the specific markets we serve while applying core competencies and skills to all our work.  ISQ provides technologically advanced and traditional engineering services as well as training and technology transfer to different manufacturing industries in Portugal and abroad. Over the past ten years, ISQ has been involved in many High Tech research projects (more than two hundred), nationally and EC funded whose results have provided a strong know-how in the different areas of ISQ activity and have helped to increase national competitiveness of industry.  ISQ's main areas of expertise are: Materials and Joining Processes, Design and Fabrication, Metrology, Industrial Automation, Maintenance and Structural Integrity of Industrial Plants, Non Destructive Testing, Quality Assurance, Energy and Environment and Gas Infrastructure Inspection.  The main markets where ISQ acts are Production of Energy, Cellulose industry, Civil construction and Public Works, Chemical and Petrochemical industry, Aeronautics and Space industry, Automotive, Maritime transport, road and railway infrastructures, water and sanitation, among others.  The establishment of partnership with public and private entities, with the aim of increasing the broadening of services is one of ISQ essential policies. The commitment is to diversify activities and to give a global service of the highest quality, both at the national and the international level.

Role in the project

ISQ's main involvement is within WP2, WP3 and WP4.  The successful performance of the activities undertaken is ensured by the large experience of the participating ISQ divisions and laboratories, namely the Division of Maintenance and Structural Integrity (MIE), the Laboratory of Metallurgy and Materials (LABMM), the Laboratory of Mechanical Behaviour (LABMEC) and the Laboratory of Non Destructive Testing (LABEND).

Staff involved in the project

  1. Gervásio Pimenta(Co-Patch Project Coordinator)