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Hellenic Register of Shipping (HRS), Greece


HRSHellenic Register of Shipping(H.R.S.) is a non-governmental international organization whose activities mainly extend to Marine Industry. Established in 1919 as a Classification Society, HRS presently is an independent autonomous foundation, with offices and representatives throughout the world, which is dedicated to the safeguarding of life and property at sea, the prevention of marine pollution and the quality assurance in the industry. HRS has been accredited against EN 45004, EN 45011 and EN 45012 and its Quality Assurance System is certified as per ISO 9001. HRS meets the standards outlined in the IMO Resolution A 739(18) and it is recognized by E.U. according to directive 94/57 regarding the common standards for Ship Surveying Organizations. Moreover, H.R.S. is also acknowledged and authorized by 26 national authorities to undertake surveys on their behalf and issue relevant Certificates.

HRS services are based on the applicable International Standards, Codes and Conventions and also on its own Rules and Regulations, which regard the construction and certification of a variety of marine and industrial structures and equipment. HRS Rules and Regulations are developed and verified in collaboration with experts coming from universities, authorities and industry and incorporate the latest development in Marine Technology. HRS awareness on the developments in the field of International Maritime Legislation is ensured by its participation in IMO works as Technical Consultant of the Greek Administration.

HRS Research and Development Department, in close collaboration with National and International Research Institutes as well as with other Classification Societies, presently participates in important research projects for the enrichment of technical knowledge in crucial areas of shipping technology. Important research areas are hydrodynamics, structural analysis, marine pollution, material technology as well as the use of information technology in HRS activities.

Role in the project

HRS, as a Classification Society, is involved in the approval of hull structural plans and has extensive experience in the assessment of the structural integrity of steel ships either by using Rules or by using advanced techniques. Moreover, HRS is familiar with testing procedures of composite materials and the assessment of composite hull structures. For this purpose HRS has its own rules for the approval of composite materials and the scantlings estimation of GRP vessels. The combined experience on steel and GRP, as materials, and the in-depth knowledge of the structural behaviour of the several hull structural members will contribute to the successful implementation of the proposal under consideration.

Staff involved in the project

  1. Dr. Theodoulides Alexandros (Naval Architect , Head of Research and Rules Development Department, and Co-Patch Project Leader)
  2. Dr. Ergas Ioannis, Naval Architect, Research and Rules Development Department
  3. Voutzoulides Constantinos, Naval Architect, Hull Department
  4. Karlis Anastasios, Mechanical Engineer, Field Surveyor