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Estaleiros Navais de Penische S.A. (ENP), Portugal


ENPESTALEIROS NAVAIS DE PENICHE, S. A., (ENP), is a SME, private company.  It has been established in 1993 by a group of ship owners and naval constructors/repairers of Peniche, under the leadership of Pescagest, S.A., a main local fishing company.  The objective of its constitution was the candidacy to the concession of infrastructures destined to the inserted construction and naval repairing in the new fishing harbour. 

The potentialities of ENP are not depleted in the strict domain of naval construction.  The approximately 70.000 m2 of busy area, the 350 m of quay to less than 6 meters and the existing characteristics of the buildings and structures offer conditions and elasticity for the integrated development of complementary activities, among which stand out the nautical installation of one pole for parking and the maintenance of medium- and large-size recreational boats, a project which at this moment is in the study phase.  It is today the Portuguese shipyard better equipped for the naval intervention in the gamma of small and medium boats, with the additional advantage of a reply capacity that includes simultaneously steel, composites and aluminium, both for construction and for repair works.

The shipyard's technical staff is composed by 8 persons (6 naval architects and 2 marine engineers), 71 directly productive personnel and 24 non-directly productive personnel.
ENP uses CAD/CAM methods integrated with CNC plasma torches to cut every hull part.  Then, manual or semi-automatic welding methods are applied by certified welders, to ensure good welding lines.  These welds are often verified and certified by a Classification Society.  Quality control tools such as X-ray photographs are used according to Classification Societies' requirements.

Role in the project

Concerning composite materials construction,as a guarantee against the prevention of osmosis, the whole hull is laminated at room temperature above 15 ºC and with relative humidity below 70%, inside a workshop with air heating and filtering, with walls thermally insulated with 100 mm of polyurethane foam.  Laminators are highly skilled workers, who work with Magnum Venus HIS 1000 airless resin application machines, with catalyst alarm and low VOC's emissions.

The major test standards followed for composite materials are the following: Traction test: ISO 527:1996; Bending test ISO 14125:1998; Resin and Fibre content: NP 2216:1998; Specific weight: ASTM D792; Voids within the laminate: ISO 4590-1981. These tests are usually performed at INEGI, a department of CEMACOM Company.  This laboratory is highly regarded both in Portugal and throughout Europe and accepted by all Classification Societies.

Staff involved in the project

  1. Álvaro Oliveira