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Francisco Cardama S.A. (CARDAMA), Spain


CardamaAstilleros Francisco CARDAMA S.A was founded in 1910 and dedicates its activity to the repair and construction of ships. Based in Vigo, in the Northwest of Spain, CARDAMA is the biggest centre for middle size ship repair in the region. Its quality and dedication makes this shipyard to one with the highest volume of work in Spain. The following are the lines of activity in CARDAMA shipyard:

  • Design and construction of steel ships including trawlers, tugboats, cargo ships, training ships, oceanographics of up to 100 m length.
  • Repair and Transformation of ships of up to 2800 tpm.

Role in the project

In relation to repair and transformation of ships, CARDAMA offers its customers the following works and services:

  • Ship boiler making. CARDAMA covers all types of boiler making works and ship pipe works, both in carbon steel and in stainless steel or in aluminium. Therefore, all types of ship building, repairing or transformation, keelsons can be accomplished by CARDAMA. Facilities include two boiler making factories, one of pre-assembly with two bridge cranes of 20 tn and another workshop factory with the following machinery: 1 bending machine of 4000 mm and 300 tn.; 1 vertical press of 300 tn; 1 horizontal press of 150 tn; 1 numerical controlled cutting machine with a work envelope of 12000x3200 by oxygen and plasma. Welding activities include electrode, MIG welding, TIG welding and submerged arc welding.
  • Six dry dock facilities for vessels from 1000 to 3000 tn of upward power and five tower cranes from 3 to 20 tn.
  • Ultrasound plate thickness. Measurement of ultrasound plate thickness of the vessel structure approved by Bureau Veritas, and R.I.N.A.
  • Ship mechanics include works on shafting lines, steady and variable propellers, rudders, servo-rudders and fuses. CARDAMA's mechanical workshop includes the following machinery: One horizontal lathe of 5500mm, 2000mm or 1500mm; and one numerical controlled lathe of 900mm of envelope length. 1 milling machine, three vertical lathes and two bridge cranes of 4 tn.
  • Painting of vessels facilities.

CARDAMA has experience in R&D projects. It participated in eight projects since 2003, in topics including quality management and industrial modernisation projects.

Staff involved in the project

  1. Mr. Jorge Sánchez (Co-Patch Project Leader)