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ALVEUS d.o.o. (AS2CON), Croatia


as2conAS2CON is a European research and consultancy network of experts with members placed in Croatia, Germany and Finland. Formally it takes part in this project through its limited company ALVEUS d.o.o. registered in Rijeka, Croatia. ALVEUS is an SME, founded in Jan. 2006 by the personnel of AS2CON to foster activities within the Croatian maritime and shipbuilding industry and exploit the pool of available experts and expertise in this part of Europe. AS2CON focuses on research and development of new structural concepts and methodologies e.g. crashworthy structures, steel sandwich panels. AS2CON consults industry with structural analysis (vibrations, collision and grounding) and optimization. AS2CON develops customized engineering software and currently works on a new platform for concurrent group design of ships: nG.ZINE.

Role in the project

Following the principal interests of the end-users, AS2CON aims to offer to the maritime market the COMPOSITE PATCHES as an engineered solution. AS2CON aims to both design, produce and install composite patches. Therefore, AS2CON will seek in the project to identify marketable applications, contribute to the numerical assessment of behaviour of the patches. To ease their customized design, AS2CON will create a simple design tool for early dimensioning. Most of all, AS2CON will provide access to the end-users, produce patch specimens for testing and perform large-scale installation. For this, AS2CON relies on the experience of its staff gained in several research initiatives and projects related to the composite patch technology, e.g.:

  • STREP project SANDWICH (relevance: response and strength, fatigue of sandwich joints)
  • Coordinated action on sandwich technologies SAND.CORe (relevance: benchmarking and comparative studies on composite and metallic sandwich panels)
  • STREP project De-Light Trans (relevance: application of composites in ships)

Staff involved in the project

  1. Nikola Buneta (Co-Patch Project Leader)
  2. Alan Klanac
  3. NataŠa Golik Klanac
  4. Darko Frank